Why has resident enrollment increased?

Enrollment has increased in several school districts in the central corridor of St. Louis County, such as Lindbergh, Ladue and Webster Groves. Families with school-age children are moving into areas with strong public schools, while those with grown children are moving to smaller homes or condominiums.

resident enrollment graph

Why does resident enrollment growth increase District expenses?

Student enrollment is the key factor that drives the District’s operating budget, because student enrollment has a direct impact on staffing.

Total KSD revenue has only grown 8% in 10 years, while enrollment has grown by 15% and inflation has grown by 18%.

Eighty-six percent of the District’s expenditure budget is salaries and benefits. During this enrollment growth period, our revenue has remained relatively flat. The District increased teaching staff to provide high-quality educational programs and maintain Board of Education recommended class sizes.

Unfortunately, when Prop A failed, the District was forced to cut positions. The impact has been noticeable.


How do Kirkwood public schools and parochial schools support each other?

Public and parochial schools in Kirkwood are longtime partners in educating all kids. Today, public schools partner with parochial school families to meet the specialized educational needs of their kids through the SNAP, SOAR, and Reach programs. The schools share professional development opportunities. Parochial schools welcome all Kirkwood kids to participate on their excellent and well developed network of sporting teams.