Did the District purchase an additional lot in 2016?

The District did not purchase a new house or any real estate this past summer, nor is there any construction planned. They bought an additional lot in 2006. When a private citizen purchased the neighboring property in 2016 and preferred the District lot, the District agreed to an even trade. This trade benefits the District by providing better road frontage access. $737 was spent in fees – a great value for an improved and more usable lot. This is a win for the Citizen and a win for the District.

Couldn’t the money to construct the High School pool have funded something else?

No tax payer funds have been spent on the pool construction. It was funded by a generous grant from the Walker Family Foundation and an anonymous donor. These donations were earmarked and could not have been used to cover other district operating costs. Maintenance costs are completely covered by another endowment and pool rentals. In addition, children from all over the community can take swim lessons, learning a valuable life skill.

How did the District fund the facility improvements at several elementary schools, KHS journalism and the stadium?

In 2010, the school community approved a no-tax rate increase bond referendum. Because of the efficient fiscal management of the completed projects and the competitive bid environment, the District was able to complete an additional $2.7 million in improvements.

The improvements included: the library media center at North Glendale; the band and art room renovation at Nipher Middle School; improvements to Essex parking lot to improve safety at Kirkwood High School; and to increase safety and security, front offices at Tillman and Westchester Elementary Schools were relocated.
Other improvements to Kirkwood High School were made using the Prop i fund, which was passed by the voters in 2005 and used to issue leasehold revenue bonds in 2005 and 2014, the Maintenance Fund, funds from rental activities and the Technology Fund.

The breakdown is as follows:

Band/Journalism/Atlas Project at Kirkwood High School
$1.2M – 2014 leasehold revenue bonds paid from the Prop i levy
$1.2M – Maintenance Fund, appx. $600,000 was used to replace old HVAC units
$200K – Rental Activity Funds
$25K – Technology Fund

Stadium at Kirkwood High School
$3.2M – 2014 leasehold revenue bonds paid from the Prop i levy
$275K – Maintenance Fund
$100K – Technology Fund