Why Does Kirkwood invest in Teachers?

Competitive teacher salaries attract the best teachers for our students. Excellent teachers are the cornerstone of excellent schools. Excellent schools substantially increase home values and protect them from market fluctuations. That is part of the attraction of Kirkwood and why homes here sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than comparable homes in other parts of St. Louis County.
Kirkwood residents are getting a great value for their investment. The District’s per pupil expenditure, which is calculated for all school districts by the state, is below the county average and our tax rate is in the lowest quartile.

What about health insurance and other teacher benefits?

Kirkwood School District, along with all other school districts in St. Louis county, cover health care premiums for teachers. Departing from this St. Louis area industry standard would make our district less attractive to highly qualified teachers.

Currently, there is only one other district in St. Louis county that does not allow teachers’ children to attend in the district in which they teach; however, the board will review this policy when all other policies are reviewed in April/May.