How does provisional crediting for Riverview Gardens impact our District moving forward?

The transfer program is no longer supported by the state as of January 4, 2017. We, along with all our neighboring school districts, worked with the leadership of Riverview Gardens and the state to develop a transition plan to provide consistency to students during this process.

  • Our students from Riverview Gardens will be allowed to continue to enroll and attend school in Kirkwood School District for three subsequent academic years or until a natural shift to the next grade span or level occurs, whichever timeline is shorter. The only exceptions are:
    • 5th graders during the 2016-2017 school year will be allowed to transition to middle school and complete 8th grade, and
    • current 8th graders could move to high school and remain until graduation.
  • Riverview Gardens School District will provide transportation for the rest of this school year, but transportation will not be provided after that. Unfortunately, the lack of transportation likely will make it nearly impossible for the majority of our students from Riverview Gardens School District to return to Kirkwood next school year.
  • As consideration for continued enrollment of qualified students under the agreement, Riverview Gardens School District will pay tuition to the receiving school district based on the state allocated funds on a per student basis. We expect the tuition payment to be around $6,500, but it will not exceed $7,000.